From Bannister to Brevity

Boutique law consultancy Bannister Legal has announced the rebranding this month of their practice to Brevity Law. This change will not only see a progressive new corporate identity but also new premises to house their growing firm.

Founders Shelley Mackay-Davidson and Juliette Thirsk, who opened Bannister Legal in 2013, explained their reasoning behind the strategic change: “Whilst we have had an exciting few years under Bannister Legal, during this time we have also had a chance to consider and find our corporate identity.  Brevity Law, with a look and feel that is in keeping with our true personality, is a testament to the vibrant firm we have become. The word “Brevity” sums up our ethos and approach – concise, succinct, incisive and crisp, coupled with professionalism and high standards.

“As commercial lawyers, in Cape Town particularly, with its burgeoning tech and start-up industry, we have had the privilege of working with many dynamic businesses and people. Our clients have inspired us to inject some of that dynamism and forward-thinking approach into the way we practice law and do business. This exercise in rebranding has helped us to focus even more on that vision and we believe it will be the perfect umbrella under which we can take our business forward.

We have moved into new office space at the Inner City Ideas Cartel, conveniently located in the Cape Town CBD. As with the rebranding, this move was strategically made. The space is refreshing, vibrant and embraces a culture of innovation and collaboration, which fits with our corporate identity and work ethic.”

From Bannister to Brevity

Article by: Sane Dhlamini – Creamer Media Researcher and Writer