Shelley’s Best Lawyers Nomination!

Congratulations to our founder, Shelley Mackay-Davidson, for…
03 Dec 2018/by Office Admin

South African Competition Amendment Bill 2018

On Tuesday 23 October 2018, the National Assembly elected to…
30 Oct 2018/by Admin

Right to be Forgotten

Google will be arguing in court today over the European Union’s…
11 Sep 2018/by Admin



Freedom Day, on the 27th of April is an annual…
26 Apr 2018/by Admin

Busting Myths about Wine – SULPHITES

Busting Myths about Wine - SULPHITES

If you have read the…
25 Apr 2018/by Admin

Do You Read Online Terms and Conditions? You Should and Here’s Why

Do You Read Online Terms and Conditions? You Should and Here’s…
29 Mar 2018/by Admin

Have a great Long weekend!

Have a great long weekend everybody!
29 Mar 2018/by Admin

Congratulations to Juliette!

A belated congratulations to our co-founder Juliette Thirsk who…
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In May 2016, the European Union ("EU") adopted the General Data…
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Interview with ZoneRadio – Commercial Leases

Interview - LegalZone (Zone Radio)

Interview with Shelley…
11 Jul 2016/by Admin

Commercial leases: Understanding the legalities

Whether you are Landlord or Tenant, it is imperative that you…
28 Jun 2016/by Admin

Contractual and legal insights into commercial leases

Whether you are entering into a commercial lease as a landlord…
25 Jun 2016/by Admin

Understanding the legalities of commercial leases

Understanding the legalities of commercial leases
Whether you…
24 Jun 2016/by Admin

Interview With Zone Radio – Bitcoin & Blockchain

Informative and interesting interview with ‪#‎ShelleyMackayDavidson…
30 May 2016/by Admin
Commercial Leases

Polity – Commercial Leases – Some Insights

Commercial Leases - Some Insights
Whether you are entering into…
27 May 2016/by Admin

Launch of Brevity Law

Last night we celebrated our rebranding from ‪#‎BannisterLegal…
25 May 2016/by Admin

Polity – Bannister Law Rebranding

Boutique law consultancy Bannister Legal has announced the rebranding…
29 Apr 2016/by Admin